Ward 32 Spokes’ Cycle Toronto Ward Groups #FF on Twitter

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 

Follow Fridays are a ritual in Twitter – people meet new contacts through the #FF hash-tag.

Last Friday, I (as @Ward30Bikes) missed this Twitter “Follow Friday” attempt by @Ward32Spokes:

(All links are live via positioned buttons that I coded into this image of the Tweet – because Twitter embeds suck.)

[Editor – Nov 2018 – all position elements were disabled as they weren’t compatible in WordPress.]

@Ward31Bikes chimed-in with @OntarioCyclingTrails, @BikingToronto, @EastYork_TO and @CycleToronto (I ‘Favorited’ almost a week late). Great to see the East Toronto, East York, and Scarborough Cycle Toronto advocacy groups active in getting bicycle infrastructure for East End cyclists.This is a little networking experiment I’m trying – to see how I can combine the blog, the Twitter account and the social networking site where Ward 30 Bikes is posting an discussing; to see if I can create an expectation about the day after tomorrow, which reminds people to log into Twitter at some point during their day and do the Cycle Toronto, Follow Friday thing again. See if we can grow Ward32 Spokes’ idea – and take it city wide this Friday.

Using the Ward 32 Spokes Tweet from last Friday as a template, just include the Follow Friday tag, “#FF”, add a cycling friends’ handle to a selection of the @CycleToronto ward groups’ handles – and to broadcast it more widely add the tag, “#bikeTO” at the end – and Tweet.

Michael Holloway
Ward 30 Bikes



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