C.I.P. wants to know YOUR Suggested On-street Routes and Informal Connections!

The City of Toronto Transportation “Cycling Infrastructure & Programs Unit” (C.I.P.) wants to map cycling routes that you use to avoid dangerous, grid-locked arterial roadways – or just any route that you use to move around the city.

The route you submit might be included on the 2014 City of Toronto Cycling Map!

As far as I understand it, the City wants to find out where we’re riding now, so they can plan cycling routes in the future. And by including a number of informal routes on the 2014 map, they hope to see which of the routes become popular. The process will begin to make appear a crowd sourced cycling route network.

Basically, they’re throwing a little catalyst into the mix to see which routes begin to become culturally significant – based on OUR route choices! (my interpolation)
[EDIT 2013-11-30 not so sure about that now – stay tuned]

Ward 30 Bikes has just recently posted a text-list of suggestions from “Problems/Opportunities Map” – the cycling routes map we’ve been working on over the summer.

Can you think of any street cycling routes you’d like City Planners to know about?

Add your route to the Map: http://goo.gl/maps/Musw4

– OR –

Comment about your route under the post (or here):
“CycleTO Ward 30 Bikes: Problems/Opportunities Map – a text-list of the entries” – http://ward30bikes.blogspot.ca/2013/11/cycleto-ward-30-bikes.html

We’ll take the results with us to a December 10th Cycle Toronto meeting with City Staff.

Here’s an embed of the map so you can have a look and see what we have already – decide if you want to add anything. Add a comment below desribing your route if you like – or – If you want to add your own place-mark or line, or shape – you must have a Google Account; and go to the map in Google (link above, or under the map).



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