Bike to Thrill of the Grill this weekend!

Thrill of the Grill is on this weekend and in addition to the delicious BBQ festival, this year Ward 30 Bikes and Ward 29 Bikes are jointly running a Bike Fun Zone!

We’ll be there from  12pm-4pm this Saturday where the Bike Zone will have::

* Slowest Bike Races
* Bike Decorating thanks to lovely sponsors: FRESH Florals, Leaf & Bloom Florists, and Midoco
* Safety Check and Mini Tune Ups
* Lots of sidewalk chalk fun

And coming by bike you can enjoy the lovely FREE Bike Valet located at the east end of the festival!  Let’s just say it… it is SO exciting to have bike valet on the Danforth!!

Bike Directions:
The Danforth will be closed to cars from Broadview to Jackman for Thrill.

If you’re coming from the west you can either ride slowly along the Danforth (it’s closed to cars, but it is open to walking and biking) or you can detour up Broadview to Erindale to Jackman.

From the east you can ride through Greektown until you see the road closure where the lovely Orange Cycle Toronto Bike Valet tents will be waiting.

Bike Share!
Freshly installed, there are now 3 bike share stations within stumbling distance to Thrill of the Grill!

See you there!

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