East Harbour (Unilever site) Update – what @Ward30Bikes is advocating for in this project

By Michael Holloway

via Toronto Star, via FirstGulf – East Harbour’s Broadview extension south through a proposed Transit Hub on the rail berm – with (typical of last-century city building) missing Active Transportation visioning

East Harbour is developer FirstGulf’s new brand name for the UniLever Site at Lake Shore Boulevard and Don Roadway (the Don River). With progress being made on the numerous different elements integral to this massive city centre development south of Eastern and Broadview, East Harbour has been in the news quite a bit of late.

Here’s a good overview with lots of pictures:

Urban Toronto – November 2, 2016
Preliminary Plans Reveal Scope of Unilever Redevelopment
by Stefan Novakovic

I’m on the working group representing Ward 30 Bikes.

Not included in these overviews is all the active transportation infrastructure we’ve been talking about at ~2 years of working group meetings.

We’re advocating for a way to extend the Eastern Avenue Bike Lanes west from Logan across the valley through this project.

We’re advocating for an east-west corridor for bicycles from Eastern at the rail bridge along the south side of the berm (integrated into the massive Transit Hub somehow) and across the valley to connect to the Lower Don River Trail and to Corktown Common and beyond (Richmond/Adelaide Bicycle corridor).

Early designs also include a north-south route along the west side of the property and then a connection to the bridge across the valley via said transit hub (which extends from the west side of the valley to the rail underpass at Eastern).

We also want to extend the Eastern Avenue Bike Lanes west of the rail underpass to Broadview – and somehow north from there to the Viaduct near Danforth/Broadview.

Broadview is to be extended south of Eastern through the site and into the Port Lands. We see this section of Broadview as a street with high quality separated bike infrastructure on it (as does the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative report).

Image via: East Harbour: Where Toronto will go to work and play | https://www.thestar.com/life/homes/2016/05/09/east-harbour-where-toronto-will-go-to-work-and-play.html | via @torontostar


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