Tommy Thompson Park Entrance Pavilion – stakeholder meeting 2

[Written in Facebook1 and posted here with link added]

2nd Tommy Thompson Park, Entrance Pavilion stakeholder meeting Presentation PDF came in email this morning.

So everyone has a better idea of what is proposed at this point, I publish three slides from the presentation.

  1. Pedestrian & Bicycle Circulation.
  2. Bus / Shuttle circulation.
  3. Layout Strategy (noting the ‘Tabletop’ outline)

Image 1

Pedestrian & Bicycle Circulation

Image 2

Bus / Shuttle circulation

Image 3

Layout Strategy

Public motor vehicle circulation happens only on the entrance driveway (left side of the image south off Unwin) and in the parking lot area … NOT on the Spur Road’s ‘Tabletop’ (a ~20cm raised platform that defines a relaxed pedestrian dominated zone).

In this cycling advocate’s opinion, the numbers of Bicycle Parking spots are way too few – not only as compared with excessive number of parking spots for cars (110) – but also as it relates to the reality of a Park in the midst of a dense urban built form that requires by it’s nature, a sustainable, active lifestyle.

Again in this cycling advocate’s opinion, the placement of the Bike Parking is sure to make both facilities VERY INSECURE:

  • Bicycle Parking south of the Pavilion is hidden behind the structure and is down off the Tabletop – so likely invisible from Unwin/Leslie;
  • The other Bike Parking area is at the southern most extent of the precinct – as far from Leslie/Unwin as is possible in this site plan – and is also down off the raised welcome area – so hidden by distance, and topography.

As well, the proposed Bicycle Parking is away from potential Police patrol routes on Unwin and Leslie; they are Unlit, and, Uncovered.

The sense one gets from this document is that the major users of the park – by a vast amount (80% cyclists vs 20% all other visitors) are an after-thought; and embarrassment, an irritation. To put into marketing speak: the Cycling Culture will hurt the Park’s ‘brand’.

All these small elemental ‘Disses’ add up to the exact opposite effect that industry best practice and City of Toronto environmental, transportation and planning policy try to achieve towards modern sustainable city-building.

Despite how crappy it makes me feel, I will continue playing the annoying irritant that you can’t scratch – at Stakeholder Meeting 3 – coming up shortly.

Michael Holloway,
Tommy Thompson Park User Group,
Cycling Representative

1  Facebook @ Ward 30 Bikes Page, by Michael Holloway, Feb 9, 2017 |

Images are from DTAH’s Presentation at the Tommy Thompson Park Entrance Pavilion stakeholder meeting 2, Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Metro Hall, Room 302


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