W14B publishes CT’s “Richmond, Adelaide, Simcoe cycle tracks are here to stay” email

January 18, 2019

It took five years to get from pilot to permanence. Your donation will help us get more bike lanes built – and quickly.

Dear #BikeTO,

In case you missed it – yesterday morning, the Infrastructure & Environment Committee voted unanimously to keep the cycle tracks on Richmond, Adelaide and Simcoe.

Wait a sec – they were still a pilot?!

That’s right: it took five years to get from pilot to permanence. In those five years, ridership has skyrocketed, making these some the most important bikeways in the city. Cyclists now represent about 1/3 of traffic mode share on Richmond and Adelaide during morning and afternoon peak times. Read more insights from the staff report.

Through our years of advocacy work, we know that even when things seem like they’re secure, it takes a lot of time and energy to keep keep them around, and even more effort to improve them.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you: your membership directly helps us build support and amplify our voice to get more bike lanes across the city.

You can help us push for bike lanes on the Danforth and Yonge, and get the Bloor bike lanes extended west by donating today.

people riding on the adelaide street cycle tracks

The Adelaide St. cycletracks: an essential east-west corridor through the Financial District (Photo: Nicholas Jones)

With the new term of council, this is our opportunity to build momentum. We’re ready to get the wheels in motion to get bike lanes on major streets as soon as possible. It’s no small task, but we’ve done it before, and we can do it again – with your support.

Take five minutes to donate now and be part of the movement to build a cycling-friendly city for all.

There’s no time to coast – let’s get pedaling together.

Mark Romeril
Development Manager
mark [at] cycleto [dot] ca

P. S. City staff also recommended moving the Adelaide St. cycle track to the north side of the street to provide a continuous corridor through the Financial District. We offered our recommendations to ensure the highest level of safety at yesterday’s meeting. Read our three requirements to ensure the north side cycle track doesn’t create more danger for cyclists.

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