Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report: Nov 11-12 – 22 hours of light snow 13.8cm

By Michael Holloway
November 14, 2019
[From social media posts bookmarked starting November 12th]

Ward 14 Bikes is tracking the efficacy of City of Toronto Winter Maintenance Operations with regard to the timely clearing of snow from bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on Toronto roadways using road user posts from Twitter and Facebook.

The purpose of this project is to shine a light on and effect change in, efficacy of Toronto Winter Operations with regard to cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure after a major winter weather event – the product of a City of Toronto winter maintenance capacity which can barely keep arterial roadways and highways clear – let-alone the capacity to effectively facilitate the completion of trips by other modes.

This is a linked list of social media posts made by cyclist and pedestrian road users describing conditions in the aftermath of a November 11-12th, 2019, 13.8cm snow accumulation.

November 11th & 12th 2019 – 22 hours of Light Snow, 13.8cm
Nov 11-12 – 22 hours of light snow 13.8cm – Ward 14 Bikes
+0 Hrs
Ward 14 Bikes on Twitter: “It’s “Bike Lane Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report” time again. November 11th & 12th 2019 21 hours of Light Snow. My front yard in Leslieville has 12.5 cm. Totals at Pearson will be posted by Environment Canada tomorrow. If you wish to participate, please use the tag #bikeTO.” / Twitter
anton lodder on Twitter: “another cool one by @TO_Transport , clearing the hoskin and queens park #BikeTO but not the intersection connecting them. operator actually just dumped snow at the entrance. please send them back @311Toronto @TO_Cycling @CycleToronto” / Twitter
Konstantine Palanski on Twitter: “Quick update, @311Toronto. Just as I had feared, this has become a dangerous mess now that we had some snow. Made for some dicey #biketo cycling this morning, as you could imagine.” / Twitter
Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@bp256r1 In #TorontoDanforth bike lanes haven’t been confirmed cleared. Though getting word #Ward13 #Ward11 and #Ward12 look good. That’s Jones Av from my front door and basically my route after dropping my son off. Take it slow and give yourself some room to stop. HT @TO_WinterOps” / Twitter
(23) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@bp256r1 @TO_WinterOps @Ward14Bikes @CycleTOMidtown @CycleW19 Glad ur good! The viaduct was clear in spots but oh man does it need another clearing before the morning gets going. Video of one rider doesn’t give it justice. Had a few cyclist out & a few were students. Again hoping @jenniferstoryTO taking note of our school commuters #BikeTO” / Twitter
(23) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@bp256r1 @TO_WinterOps @Ward14Bikes @CycleTOMidtown @CycleW19 Not the best ride times or conditions. A snap shot from Broadview and Danforth Viaduct was a mess. We’ll need to adjust timing especially in the mornings. Heading up hill is brutal. All and all 20 mins late’ish but alive none the less. Bike safe everyone. #BikeTO #WalkTO” / Twitter
Matthew Browning on Twitter: “The reason it’s empty today is only partly to do with the weather. Way more of a factor is how we as a city respond to the weather. This is a ‘sharrowed’ section of Bloor, immediately adjacent to that bike rack.” / Twitter
(1) Tim Kraan on Twitter: “@311Toronto Please tell me the city is going to re-plow the #bikeTO lanes today. Sherbourne, Wellesley, Harbord, St. George are all a complete mess” / Twitter
1st snowy commute 2019 | Biking in a Big City
bryan dollack on Twitter: “First #vikingbiking #bikeTO commute this year! For the most part divers were courteous. I had to #takethelane for the most part – #shuterbikelane is not cleared east of Sherbourne, Dundas E bikelane also a mess. Special shout out to the plow driver that gave me 👍 #frostbike” / Twitter
(8) Kathleen Mackey on Twitter: “Hi @311Toronto! The Dundas St E bike lane needs clearing, both directions, east of Logan Ave (and probably other places). #bikeTO” / Twitter
Cycling in Toronto
+12 HRS
(1) 32 Spokes on Twitter: “@311Toronto, there are 6-8 spots like this and worse in the south #BikeTO lane on the Bloor Viaduct. Looks like snow has been pushed off the road into the lane where there are breaks in the barrier. Very dangerous, needs to be cleared before the morning commute. Thanks.” / Twitter
(4) Andrew Lewis on Twitter: “Let’s start off the winter cycling season right with some super impressive examples of a plow going of its way to obstruct the #BikeTO lane e/b on the Bloor Viaduct with some nifty maneuvers! Plus a bonus huge low Moon. @TO_WinterOps @TO_Cycling @CycleToronto @PaulaFletcherTO” / Twitter
(5) Leland Nightingale on Twitter: “Hi @311Toronto @TO_Cycling @m_layton @anabailaoTO the College St #BikeTO lane from about Bay to Manning was pretty awful tonight around 930pm. As a winter “priority bike lane” according to the city guidelines, it should be cleared within 6-8hrs of the snow stopping right?” / Twitter
Cycling in Toronto
Cycling in Toronto
+24 HRS
Kathleen Mackey on Twitter: “The Logan Ave bike lane between Dundas St E and Gerrard St E needs clearing, both directions. It’s impassable. @311Toronto #bikeTO”
(1) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@AndrewLewisFC @Ward14Bikes @TO_WinterOps @TO_Cycling @CycleToronto @PaulaFletcherTO Andrew let’s just say it’s not a great start. This morning at 8.45am #BikeTO” / Twitter
Kathleen Mackey on Twitter: “The Dundas Street East bike lane WB needs much better clearing @311Toronto. Parts of note: > in front of 55 Division (Coxwell, NE side) > leading up to Jones Ave > between Carlaw & Logan I was forced to leave the lane many, many times, much to the ire of passing drivers. #bikeTO” / Twitter
(1) Michael Holloway – Schroedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Cycled the Dixon Ave Contraflow route between Kingston Rd & Woodbine today at noon & in the other direction at 1:00 pm. There was no safe path through the compressed snow which broke & kicked out my front wheel constantly. Had to go down walking twice. @311Toronto #bikeTO” / Twitter
Leland Nightingale on Twitter: “@311Toronto @TO_Cycling @m_layton this was College St EB #BikeTO lane this morning around 8:30am. Not fun getting honked at and aggressively passed by drivers because I am taking the lane. @anabailaoTO as my rep at City Hall can bikes not be forgotten again this winter?” / Twitter
(1) Andrew Overholt on Twitter: “@311Toronto I realize it can take 72 hours to clear the bike lanes but the EB College lane b/w at least Bathurst and Spadina is almost entirely unusable. #BikeTO” / Twitter
(1) Surfacingpoint on Twitter: “Plowed Viaduct bike lane, then they plowed a pile of snow into that lane every fifty-ish feet. Maybe next time the cars should give up a lane, it can be piled there until the city is ready to properly remove it. cars will move slower but then it’ll be safer for everyone #biketo” / Twitter
Vivien Leong on Twitter: “Why might this person in a mobility scooter be travelling in the curb lane, next to speeding cars? Maybe because there’s no certainly that #TOpoli sidewalks are clear enough to get through? (2nd pic is of preceeding block) #WalkTO #SnowAndTell #AODAfail #VisionZeroTO #VisionZero” / Twitter
+36 HRS
Michael Holloway – Schroedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “@311Toronto Cycled the Dixon Ave Contraflow route between Kingston Rd & Woodbine today at midday. Contraflow and sharrows have not been ploughed & is full of deep slush which is filled with hard clumps. Also, at 32 Dixon a triangle off snow impedes east-west egress. @311Toronto #bikeTO” / Twitter
+48 HRS
+60 HRS
+72 HRS
+96 HRS
+120 HRS
+144 HRS
+168 HRS
Leland Nightingale on Twitter: “Hi @311Toronto @TO_Cycling @m_layton. It’s now been a full week since the end of the big snowfall. It seems like despite daily reqs from me and others, College #BikeTO lane was never cleared. Are we just relying on #FSM to do all the work again this year? #VisionZero” / Twitter

One thought on “Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report: Nov 11-12 – 22 hours of light snow 13.8cm

  1. I finally got out on my bike to go downtown on Sunday, November17. Cause I’m a wimp. For me, roads were dry and clear. Bike lane on River St south of Gerrard, going south was not good, so took the lane.


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