Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report: Nov 27-28 2021 20HRS 11cm Snow

By Michael Holloway @michaelholloway111
Sunday, December 05, 2021

Winter Maintenance Efficacy Reports are a list of Toronto Transportation Services Winter Maintenance deficiencies (and/or successes) posted to Twitter tagged with “#bikeTO” and/or “@311Toronto” – bookmarked in 12 hour increment folders from end of a storm event; in this case starting at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

Crop of Sarah M @sarcyclist pedestrian walking in the cycle track – sidewalks a sheet of ice on The Viaduct looking west 8:15am Dec 1, 2021


Ward 14 Bikes member, Michael Holloway is tracking the efficacy of City of Toronto Winter Maintenance Operations with regard to the timely clearing of snow from bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on Toronto roadways using road user posts from Twitter. The purpose of this project is to shine a light on, and effect change in, efficacy of Toronto Winter Operations with regard to cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure after a major winter weather event.

The Storm Type

This link list of social media posts describes conditions in the aftermath of a November 27-28, 2021 snow event that started at 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 27, 2021 and ended on Saturday, November 28, 2021. at 7:00 p.m..

Environment Canada | Pearson – Historical Weather screen captures: Daily Data Reports for November 2021 + Hourly Data Reports for November 27 and 28, 2021

Storm Type Service Levels

This type of storm is classified by the City of Toronto Transportation Services as a ‘Storm Type 2’ – according to Toronto City Council’s vote to approve “Confirmation of Levels of Service for Winter Maintenance of Bikeways, Windrow Opening, Sidewalks and AODA Compliance” – passed March 17, 2014 (

The promise in this type of storm event is clear to bare pavement within 6-8 hours in the Priority Bike Lane network, and 8-10 hours for all other bike lanes.

The Report

The city did well in this storm event in clearing bike lanes. All the priority bike lanes were cleared within the 6-8 hours; and this meet the level of service commitment, but Transportation Services didn’t seem to have ANY sidewalk ploughs or salters out at all! Snow and ice were melted away on all surfaces by the evening of Wednesday December 1, 2021 (72 hours after end of snowfall).

Michael Holloway – December 5, 2021

Nov 27-28 2021 20HRS 11cm Snow


Emma “Fuck Doug Ford” Alter on Twitter: “Most of my bike commute was fine this morning, but holy hell was Parliament to Castle Frank a disaster. Had to take a lane of traffic and pray. #BikeTO” / Twitter

Emma “Fuck Doug Ford” Alter on Twitter: “Update: bad in exactly the same place going west. Plus the added bonus for pedestrians of the sidewalk not being cleared from Broadview to Sherbourne.” / Twitter

Janet Joy Wilson (she/her/fietser) on Twitter: “@thebikingvet @larryvsharry @Chrome_Ind Nope, nobody here either! @BikeShareTO is an awesome bike for a sloppy snow day because Annette St Bike Lanes get neglected @TO_Cycling #WinterBiking #VikingBiking #bikeTO #ActiveTransportation” / Twitter

Simon Evans on Twitter: “Pretty smug when I left today thinking I would be the only one, pretty delighted to find out I wasn’t @TO_Cycling @CycleToronto” / Twitter

Ev Delen on Twitter: “Roads are pristine. Even bike lanes are pretty good. Sidewalks, especially not street adjacent… I guess they forgot to put up the “no winter maintenance” sign? #topoli #toronto #dlws” / Twitter

FlyingSomm on Twitter: “A beautiful, yet chilly, sunrise #biketo work ☕️👨‍✈️🛫” / Twitter

Jacob Loo Dawang on Twitter: “Snowy bike ride is so pretty through distillery #bikeTO” / Twitter

Pink Helmet TO on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Pink Helmet TO on Twitter: “.@311Toronto please fix these curbs in the Shuter cycle track-south side just east of Sherbourne. @TO_Cycling @kristynwongtan @jsquaredink @TOCentreCyclist @NotSafe4BikesTO @CycleToronto @BikewaysTO #NotSafe4BikesTO” / Twitter

Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Welcome to #DestinationDanforth! This was the safest part of my ride with Jack today. That’s because we’re riding on a FAB cycle track. A Functional, Accessible & Built To Last protective piece of infrastructure. #Ward14 needs #PoliticalWill for more” / Twitter

Nathan Fitzgerald on Twitter: “@311Toronto Snows been melting, but still lots of ice in the shade. No sign of salt. Toronto plow map shows a single sidewalk plow out today (none yesterday), did Pape, Carlaw, and some sidestreets. I’ve never seen this before. What happened?” / Twitter

Andrea Bodkin on Twitter: “Welcome to@our world class city where I walk on the road bc the sidewalks are solid ice. #broadviewave #Riverdalepark #walkto @PaulaFletcherTO @JohnTory” / Twitter

Andrea Bodkin on Twitter: “@311Toronto @TTChelps both sides of Broadview from Danforth to Queen (that’s as far as I went)” / Twitter

Michey on Twitter: “@311Toronto @BradMBradford is the City clearing all sidewalks this year or is it still on the homeowners? No one has cleared the sidewalks or the road and both are now ice. Parents and kids shouldn’t be injured from falling, just trying to get to school..” / Twitter

Nathan Fitzgerald on Twitter: “@311Toronto Yes – but no sign of anything this year. But worse is (upper) Gerrard Street – which has had sidewalk plowing for at least 20 years or so. Absolutely nothing so far – lots and lots of ice. Zero salt. I shouldn’t have to risk safety to walk kid to school.” / Twitter

James Wilkinson on Twitter: “@311Toronto nothing but pure ice infront of parkside housing and Jarvis Carlton @TTChelps spot. @JohnTory @kristynwongtam vision zero starts with clear sidewalks” / Twitter



Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Martin Goodman Trail south of Villiers on Tuesday December 2 at 11:00 a.m. (during my PLFP pre-official-Site Visit, site visit). That’s ice. Similar up to Lake Shore Blvd E. 36 hrs after end of snowfall. @TO_WinterOps @311Toronto #bikeTO #TOWinterMaintenanceEfficacyReports” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Martin Goodman Trail south of Villiers on Tuesday December 2 at 11:00 a.m. (during my PLFP pre-official-Site Visit, site visit). That’s ice. 36 hrs after end of snowfall. @TO_WinterOps @311Toronto #bikeTO #TOWinterMaintenanceEfficacyReports” / Twitter


Sarah M on Twitter: “Why is this happening @cityoftoronto? Why haven’t we salted the pedestrian walkways across the viaduct?! Or elsewhere? #biketo @TO_WinterOps” / Twitter




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