Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report: Jan 16-17, 2022 – 17HRS 32.5cm Snow

By Michael Holloway @michaelholloway111
Friday, March 04, 2022

This storm exposed the under-capacity of TO Winter Operations – to the date of this writing (March 4, 2022), there are still piles of snow blocking bike lanes across the city.

This project tracked Twitter observations in 12 hour increments – I stopped adding folders and tracking Tweets at 300HRS.

Just to finish this off I bookmarked one yesterday showing very old snow stored in a bike lanes on Collage near Elizabeth – which I will use as the icon image for this storm tracking post.

March 4, 2022

NotSafe4BikesTO on Twitter: “This city is exhausting (College and Elizabeth, north side of College) There’s also been a @TPSOperations vehicle parked in the bike lane at the south east corner of College and Elizabeth the last several times I’ve biked north on Elizabeth. Fun times.” / Twitter

Jan 16-17 2022 17HRS 32.5cm Snow


David MacMillan on Twitter: “Went out for a pizza and…oof. Danforth and Woodbine are a mess. Thank you to the retailer that cleared the bike parking in front of their shop. And shoutout to the woman who called me “crazy for biking a blizzard”. Trails tomorrow. #BikeTO #WalkTO” / Twitter

NotSafe4BikesTO on Twitter: “Lovely job by the condo at 1492 Dundas E – took all of their parking lot snow and piled it into the bike lane. @311Toronto I’m sure you are overwhelmed. Can you please add this to your list of problem spots?” / Twitter

(1) RyanFromToronto on Twitter: “A lot of tweets from ppl who are saying the PlowTO map shows their street as having been ploughed, yet was never ploughed. The same goes for my street, which is home to a group home of disabled. Plows continue 2 pass area but don’t plow nghbrhood #CityofTOWinterAlert @311Toronto” / Twitter


(9) Andrew on Twitter: “@311Toronto can you request to have the Adelaide and Richmond St cycle tracks east of Yonge cleared of snow, please? It’s a nightmare and action is much needed. Thank you very much!” / Twitter

(17) The Biking Lawyer (Dave Shellnutt) on Twitter: “Main roads aren’t bad but bike lanes still aren’t a thing. Recognizing clean up crews are still under a lot of pressure today. Ride safe pals. Picture: Bloor bike lane at Spadina #bikeTO” / Twitter


(8) Bromptoning on Twitter: “I ran a quick errand in my ‘hood only to find ALL bike lane entrances/exits blocked at EVERY intersection. Plowing bike lanes is useless if you just plug them with snow at each end. @311Toronto This is Bathurst St looking west. There’s a bike lane under that snowbank. #BikeTO” / Twitter

(8) Brice Sopher on Twitter: “@311Toronto is there any plan to actually clear bike lanes properly? Bloor is unusable. #BikeTO #VisionZero” / Twitter

(11) Andrew on Twitter: “@311Toronto Yes, cycle tracks on Richmond St and Adelaide St E have not even plowed even the first time. Therefore, I’m officially reaching out to request snow clearing. Thank you! – @kristynwongtam” / Twitter

(12) Reinier G. on Twitter: “@Andrew_Urbanist @311Toronto @kristynwongtam The Woodbine Ave bike lanes are also plowed full. Tomorrow and Thursday we get a Thaw/Freeze cycle. I suspect unless bike lanes are cleared tomorrow, that snow load might be locked in place till middle of March.” / Twitter

Derek Craig on Twitter: “Another snowstorm, another tweet to @311Toronto about a sidewalk plow that failed to actually do its job fully. West side of Victoria Park south of Rowena Drive is totally impassable and needs some attention. @JohnTory @DenzilMW” / Twitter

(1) Tony Tremain 🇨🇦 on Twitter: “6:30PM Duggan Ave has not been plowed yet despite what the map shows @311Toronto @JoshMatlow” / Twitter

(1) Panaluu on Twitter: “@311Toronto bylaw needs to pay a visit to 35 Boardwalk where the condo has dumped a good 6′ of snow on the freshly plowed by the City sidewalk making it impossible to walk past.” / Twitter

(1) Jenny Morin on Twitter: “@311Toronto @cp24 There is a sidewalk where there is a huge snow pile and you have to walk on the road between 4959 Dundas St W and 4975 Dundas St W. How safe is it to have to walk in a live lane of traffic to continue to walk and accessiblity for people who need to get around?” / Twitter


Dave Edwards on Twitter: “FWIW – I just did 30km around the city today. This was the first bike lane I used – I didn’t see it end around the corner. I should have known. Same all over the city. I rammed through the bank and took the lane” / Twitter

(1) Dave Edwards on Twitter: “That about wraps it up for safe travels across the viaduct for a while. How many people sitting in these idling cars are looking out window thinking, “hm, there’s a #ClimateEmergency, maybe I should try biking in winter!”” / Twitter

Toronto Mike on Twitter: “#biketo” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “2022-01-19 2:15 pm one lane open on the separated bi-directional cycle track via @torontomike #bikeTO” / Twitter

Dave Edwards on Twitter: “Complete garbage on the Viaduct” / Twitter

(1) Hannes Bretschneider on Twitter: “Hill on Christie St north of Davenport. Decided to take the wagon to preschool since we assumed 48h past the storm, surely the sidewalk would’ve been cleared. No chance whatsoever to make it through here. Turned around and got the car instead. #WalkTO #BikeTO #snowTO @blogTO” / Twitter

(2) Colm on Twitter: “@alexbozikovic danforth bike lane at broadview right now! @PaulaFletcherTO #biketo” / Twitter

(2) Colm on Twitter: “@alexbozikovic even where bike lanes have supposedly been been cleared they are unusable- and a stark contrast to roads, where socalled plowing doesnt seek to involve leaving a base of snow” / Twitter

(2) Alex Bozikovic on Twitter: “Another 24 hours later, sidewalks on Christie St – densely populated and with a bus route – still not cleared. At some point, benefit of the doubt disappears.” / Twitter

(2) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Happy to see sidewalks cleared for the most part on Danforth but not bike lanes #WalkTO #BikeTO” / Twitter

(2) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Asking @Peter_Tabuns if he wouldn’t mind keeping an alert on this stretch of street for @AODAontario compliance. The bike lanes on both sides of the viaduct are unusable & the sidewalk as I’ve been told is hit or miss. HT @NotSafe4BikesTO @aodaalliance” / Twitter

(2) Bike Family on Twitter: “From my commute this morning. Not sure what happened here, but it looks like the plow decided to hop onto the side walk from the northbound Simcoe bike lane, just north of Adelaide. @311Toronto #bikeTO” / Twitter

(2) Bike Family on Twitter: “Otherwise, most of my ride looked like this, with snowbanks at intersections and driveways. Hoping that all bike lanes get a proper clearing sooner than later! #bikeTO #wintercycling #wintercommute” / Twitter

(4) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth I never entered into a bike lane my whole trip. #BikeTO” / Twitter

(4) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Danforth Av at Jones Av” / Twitter

(4) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth I’ll give credit to the vehicles behind me. Not one car honked and I only had one person attempt to ride beside me to pass. Spent the majority of my ride to Main St in the centre of lane” / Twitter

(7) anton lodder on Twitter: “two things: 1. this spot at Bloor + Spadina is… a #BikeTO. has not been attempted to be cleared. @311Toronto can it be cleared? 2. @TTChelps bus stop portion was cleared and the snow dumped in the bike lane? not where it should go, there are bylaws against doing so. why?!” / Twitter

(7) anton lodder on Twitter: “another example by @TTChelps . please train your snow clearing peeps how to not dump snow in public right-of-way!” / Twitter

(7) Ben Leow on Twitter: “Still made it to work on time. Hopping between cleared sidewalk and semi rideable sections of bike lane. It’s not like there is zero winter maintenance. It’s just not up to par.” / Twitter

(16) Willem Klumpenhouwer on Twitter: “This crap is why “nobody bikes in winter” There is no reason why the roadway is clear but the cycle lane isn’t other than blatant disregard for the heirarchy of transportation. #biketo” / Twitter

(16) Vex: everybody’s* favourite trans ommer. on Twitter: “@TheBikingLawyer Same same on the Danforth currently…” / Twitter

(16) Aaron Davis on Twitter: “@TheBikingLawyer First time leaving the house was this AM to bring the kids to school. The bike lane on Lakeshore Blvd W from Brownsline to Twenty Second St had all the roads snow plowed into it, rather than cleared.” / Twitter

(1) Hafeez A. on Twitter: “How drivers get treated, how pedestrians get treated.” / Twitter

(1) Pauline Lierman on Twitter: “@311Toronto This was this stretch of Queen East at 9 am this morning.” / Twitter

(1) Pauline Lierman on Twitter: “Status this morning: nearly impassable” / Twitter

(1) Michelle “Triple-Vaxxed” Jones. on Twitter: “Shout out to the people who dared to walk on the sidewalk before me. @cityoftoronto @311Toronto @JohnTory @PaulAinslie3 Behold: McCowan and Ellesmere. And you have to stand on the road to get the bus. Smdh. #Toronto” / Twitter

(1) TorontoMan on Twitter: “@311Toronto how come sidewalks are still not clear. Forcing strollers, wheel chairs and etc to use the roads. This is dangerous. This what happens when you contract out. @JohnTory @fordnation @cityoftoronto @CP24 @TorontoStar #ONStorm” / Twitter

(1) Katie on Twitter: “@TTChelps wtf is this? Snowplow entries at your outdoor stops! They are all like this. The bus just left this man because he couldnt get to it. I sat at the light and watched this happen. DO BETTER. We all knew a storm was coming why did the ttc not prepare for this” / Twitter

(1) Pauline Lierman on Twitter: “Trying to figure out the logic of the street plow that skips one stretch in front of my building complex and the new park on Queen East” / Twitter

(1) terryl knox on Twitter: “Barely out the house and this… I’m recording as much I can #HRBC #ward7 @311Toronto @PerruzzaTO” / Twitter

Koray Tugay on Twitter: “@311Toronto Sidewalk in Blythwood Rd needs snow removal. Kids can hardly walk to school.” / Twitter

amanda on Twitter: “Can @311Toronto come talk to @yorkuniversity? We’re on day 2 post-storm and I see no indication that they’ve even tried to uncover sidewalks on York Blvd. I expected at least this part of my commute to not require walking on the road.” / Twitter

Cars in Bike Lanes TO on Twitter: “Um, where exactly is the sidewalk? @311Toronto Dupont at Osler north side. Understand the magnitude of snow and priority for roads b/c emergency vehicles but… @Walk_TO” / Twitter

Katie Ch on Twitter: “This is the sidewalk at Danforth Rd and Lily Cup. I don’t mind walking on the road on the side streets, but cars drive 70+ on this stretch of Danforth so there’s no way I’m pushing my kid in a stroller on that road. @CllrCrawford @311Toronto” / Twitter

Kathleen Mackey on Twitter: “Would it be possible to get some sidewalk snow removal at the Logan pedestrian crosswalk on Kingston (north side of street os blocked) and the Logan/Kingston Rd WB TTC stop which is also blocked, @311Toronto @TTChelps? Thank you!” / Twitter


(1) Jeremy The Jinx on Twitter: “@311Toronto @TorontoPFR @JohnTory @stephenholyday 3 days of bring told out sidewalks were gonna be plowed, 3 days later still nothing everything else has been plowed for 2 days, all my calls to 311 have done nothing but garner empty promises. So when? Who is accountable?” / Twitter

LGray on Twitter: “Taken walking south on Jane St ➡️Bloor @ Humberview this AM. How can anyone not able-bodied or pushing a stroller make their way around @cityoftoronto ? This is a school route & a path to a #TTC hub. City needs to clear or hold property owners accountable. cc @gordperks @JohnTory” / Twitter

Jeremy The Jinx on Twitter: “@311Toronto still need sidewalks cleared for the first time on rathburn across the 427 Bridge, hasn’t been plowed yet” / Twitter

(1) Ismail Tokmeci on Twitter: “Hi @311Toronto can a sidewalk plow be sent to clear this pathway from Lormar Drive to Bloorlea Middle School please? This is where kids walk to the school. Cc: @tdsb @Bloorlea” / Twitter



(8) anton lodder on Twitter: “@311Toronto have I waited long enough to convince you that this isn’t a “wait for them to catch up” situation? can we please get it cleaned? Bloor and Spadina WB #BikeTO” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Jan 20, 2022 Between 3PM and 4:15PM Gerrard East over the bridge; Gerrard and Sherbourne; (heading towards Yonge, then (next Tweet) up Young to St Clair, and back down) Images by @peacefulparksco – a courier trying to make some money today. #BikeTO #WinterMaintenance #72HRS” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Jan 20, 2022 Between 3PM and 4:15PM Images by @peacefulparksco – a courier trying to make some money today. Gerrard and Sherbourne; Northbound Yonge St Heading towards Yonge on Gerrard; Sherbourne; then up to St Clair; & down (next Tweet). #BikeTO #WinterMaintenance #72HRS” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Jan 20, 2022 Between 3PM and 4:15PM Images by @peacefulparksco – a courier trying to make some money today. Yonge St looking north at St Claire; Southbound on Yonge St; The Viaduct. #BikeTO #WinterMaintenance #72HRS” / Twitter

Ali = Alison Stewart on Twitter: “@311Toronto Please have the Yonge Street bike lanes cleared from Bloor to St.Clair. The lanes are only cleared in very limited spots and end in snow embankments.⚠️(It was too cold to stop and take pics). #biketo” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “@BikeShareTO @seankillackey Bike Share at Gerrard Square is full of snow too. Gerrard Square Mall (1010 Gerrard St E), Toronto, ON M4M 1Z4 Images: 5:14 pm 2022-01-20” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Adding this report (by me) to the “72HRS” sub-folder, part of the Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report main folder titled, “Jan 16-17 2022 17HRS 32.5cm Snow”. Report will be here: Jones at Gerrard looking at: nw corner; ne se sw Salt Ice #bikeTO @Walk_TO” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Adding images of Jones at Dundas to the “72HRS” sub-folder, part of the Winter Maintenance Efficacy Report main folder titled, “Jan 16-17 2022 17HRS 32.5cm Snow”. Report will be here: Jones at Dundas: nw corner ne Dundas se sw salt ice #bikeTO @Walk_TO” / Twitter

Shannon on Twitter: “Hi @311Toronto the sidewalk on the east side of Victoria Park Ave,south of St.Clair Ave is still not plowed.I know theres a lot of snow but it’s been several days since the storm & people are still walking on the road, and this is a busy main road with buses,not a side street.TY!” / Twitter

Cheryl White on Twitter: “Saw pedestrians in some REAL precarious situations today. @311Toronto please urgently address sidewalk snow clearing on Caledonia between Lawrence and Bridgeland and on Brimley around the 401. Very scary out there.” / Twitter

Michael Holloway – Schröedinger’s Cyclist on Twitter: “Note the sidewalks haven’t been touched. #BikeTO #WinterMaintenance #72HRS” / Twitter

(7) Kevin Frankish on Twitter: “3 days later, after several plow passes & tons of salt, most roads clear & dry. Sidewalks, not so much. Hard enough on foot, imagine a wheel chair or pushing stroller. Subject of my POV Commentary at 3 pm on @1059TheRegion Online #PedestriansDeserveBetter” / Twitter

(2) Dafydd Hughes on Twitter: “Biker trap” / Twitter


Santiago on Twitter: “.@311Toronto when will bike lane by cleared? What lanes are first and Adelaide has large minds of snow.” / Twitter

Ry Shissler (They/Them) on Twitter: “Had a trip through @BloorYorkville and noticed signs in parking/loading spots (nowhere else) saying snow would be removed in 48 hours (from when?) and figured I’d document the journey for @TO_WinterOps @311Toronto. #BikeTO @CycleToronto” / Twitter

(1) Ry Shissler (They/Them) on Twitter: “@TO_WinterOps please remove this metre+ tall pile of snow in the middle of Bloor W of Bellair. Thank you in advance! CC: @311Toronto” / Twitter

(1) Ry Shissler (They/Them) on Twitter: “@TO_WinterOps please remove this metre+ tall pile of snow in the middle of Bloor W of St Thomas. Thank you in advance! CC: @311Toronto” / Twitter

(1) Ry Shissler (They/Them) on Twitter: “@TO_WinterOps please remove three metre+ tall piles of snow in the middle of Bloor & Avenue. Thank you in advance! CC: @311Toronto” / Twitter

(1) Ry Shissler (They/Them) on Twitter: “@TO_WinterOps please remove this metre+ tall pile of snow in the middle of Bloor E of St George. Thank you in advance! CC: @311Toronto” / Twitter

(2) Ry Shissler (They/Them) on Twitter: “@TO_WinterOps please remove these two metre+ tall piles of metal in the middle of Bloor E of Avenue. Thank you in advance! CC: @311Toronto @ParkingTPS” / Twitter

(2) Bike Family on Twitter: “It seems the post-blizzard honeymoon period of patient drivers is slowly coming to an end. I would love to use the bike lanes, but they’re not safe right now. #bikeTO” / Twitter

(2) Kharl MaarӾ on Twitter: “Gerrard st Eastbound from Jarvis. #bikeTO” / Twitter

(2) Ev Delen on Twitter: “Four days since an above average but hardly record breaking snow storm and still the “high priority snow clearing” Adelaide bike lanes are covered in snow. #topoli #biketo cc @moore_oliver @dmrider” / Twitter

(1) Serene K Tan on Twitter: “Danforth between Pape and Jones – rutted ice and snow mounds from the parking spots, sidewalks, and where cuts have been made. There is a whole ass tree in the eastbound bikelane in the middle of the block. Wish I’d taken a pic. @311Toronto @cityoftoronto #biketo” / Twitter

(2) The Biking Lawyer (Dave Shellnutt) on Twitter: “By Thursday afternoon @cityoftoronto bike lanes still inaccessible. This is Adelaide at Bathurst, Harbord was the same. Just fyi @311. I was trying to do volunteer deliveries for @thebikebrigade & @FYfoodbank cc @CycleToronto” / Twitter

(5) AnyaN on Twitter: “@311Toronto Hello, Here is the main interpretation at Bathurst &Steels next to Metro’s plaza: the condition of the sidewalks:” / Twitter

(5) Ruth Watkins on Twitter: “@311Toronto this is south sidewalk on Humber bridge on Dundas St. Snow at chest level. Yet 311 would not log this as a call 30 hours ago. Said the city knew about sidewalks. Major ped thoroughfare on 50km road. Get the sidewalk cleared!!!” / Twitter

(6) M Wagland on Twitter: “So @cityoftoronto will you be plowing Davisville neighborhood, removing huge piles off the street AND plowing SIDEWALKS north of Millwood anytime soon?Every street is one lane with people yelling at each other and a row of cars having to backup. Ridiculous. @311Toronto @JohnTory” / Twitter

(6) Jessica F on Twitter: “@311Toronto I think we were missed…all other nearby sidewalks have been cleared. My kids are forced to take the road walking to school. Also what exactly are the rules regarding homeowners clearing their sidewalks?” / Twitter

(6) Edible Grasshopper on Twitter: “This is some dangerous shit @311Toronto how about we get clearing major intersections in the city? Young and Broadway” / Twitter

(6) AnyaN on Twitter: “@311Toronto The bus stop at Bathurst & Steeles is not cleared yet (Steeles at Toronto side)” / Twitter

(6) Aidan Mifsud on Twitter: “@311Toronto how do I make a complaint/request for my street to be cleared? Atlas Avenue, especially north of Hursting has not been cleared once. Multiple plows and salt trucks have been through but no snow plowed or salt dropped.” / Twitter

(6) Sir Charles on Twitter: “@JohnFilionTO how long must we wait till our sidewalks are cleared. I have seen 2 older people and a young man fall just this morning. We still got work to get to @JohnTory @311Toronto” / Twitter

(7) Judy Litwack-Goldman on Twitter: “4 days post snowstorm and our street (Cedarvale) HAS NOT been plowed yet. 3 schools in neighbourhood. Dangerous. Frustrating. @311Toronto @JoshMatlow” / Twitter

(7) Shaker Jamal on Twitter: “Day 4 after the snowfall and the streets in my neighbourhood are still not plowed. Care to explain @311Toronto @cityoftoronto @JoshMatlow ? #TOpoli | #snowmageddon” / Twitter

(7) Alasdair McKie on Twitter: “@311Toronto I reported this 2 days ago and was given the “it takes time” brush-off from ^de. Time has not helped. It’s been 4 days and these sidewalks were never shoveled nor plowed and remain impassable. The right of way is blocked. North side Mortimer, Coxwell to Southridge.” / Twitter

(8) Belly B on Twitter: “@311Toronto @cityoftoronto how many days should we expect our laneway to remain blocked by snow? We have jobs and responsibilities that demand access to our vehicles.” / Twitter

(8) Kathleen Mackey on Twitter: “This is still blocked. FYI @311Toronto. (Pedestrian crosswalk NS and second/accessible TTC stop at Logan/Kingston.” / Twitter

(10) TDOTNurse 💉💉💉 fully vaccinated on Twitter: “Imagine if we all did a half ass job at work (well @fordnation doesn’t have to imagine) @311Toronto @JohnTory #TorontoSnowStorm” / Twitter

(11) Vito Montesano on Twitter: “@311Toronto @cityoftoronto @CityNewsTO what is up with the snow removal. Sheppard Abe between Weston road and Keele, no sidewalks cleared and one lane of traffic in areas. Side streets horrible with reduced lanes and sidewalks not plowed. Can we get this done!” / Twitter


Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Viaduct is a no go. #BikeTO Cc: @AODAontario @Peter_Tabuns @aodaalliance” / Twitter

Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Wow!!! #BikeTO” / Twitter

(2) Vik Adhopia on Twitter: “I’m anxious to see these bike lanes cleared. I’m an all-season commuter cyclist, but had to suspend that this week. #BikeTO @CycleToronto @TO_Cycling” / Twitter

Pink Helmet TO on Twitter: “.@311toronto And here is Sherbourne. It has been cleared but needs to be cleared again. And as always there is a car driver in the bike lane. I don’t think I ever ride Sherbourne without at least one car driver in the bike lane. 😦” / Twitter

(2) The Biking Lawyer (Dave Shellnutt) on Twitter: “Friday night, Bloor West bike lane is completely inaccessible @311Toronto @cityoftoronto @gordperks. Starting to see some liability concerns here… @safeparkside how are you folks doing w all this snow? #bikeTO” / Twitter

(2) Maureen Kapral on Twitter: “@TheBikingLawyer @311Toronto @cityoftoronto @gordperks @safeparkside Friday evening Avenue Road sidewalks” / Twitter


(1) Dave Edwards on Twitter: “I’ve ridden in the street beside the Danforth bike lanes all week, but this was the first time I’ve walked along here and had a good look. This is so incredibly disappointing 💔” / Twitter

(1) Dave Edwards on Twitter: “It’s the same all over the city, but here’s a few more examples from #Ward14: Strathcona Ave bidirectional 2/” / Twitter

(1) Dave Edwards on Twitter: “Jones Ave (same both sides) 3/” / Twitter

(1) Dave Edwards on Twitter: “Danforth and Pape 4/” / Twitter

(2) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@ Strathcona Av (westbound) We aren’t doing well in this regard are we? Bike Lane missing (under the snow) Here in #TorontiDanforth the @tdndp’s elected municipal rep lacks the #PoliticalWill to prioritize street usage that includes vulnerable road user #BikeTO #AoDA #WalkTO” / Twitter

(2) Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “Biking to Nations (Stockyards) was a real gong show! The #BikeTO lanes on Fermanagh, Dundas West across the tracks (pictured), & Davenport (West of Osler) are not plowed at all. Please get these streets plowed ASAP! #GoByBikeToronto #TOpoli CC @311Toronto @gordperks @anabailaoTO” / Twitter

(2) NotSafe4BikesTO on Twitter: “Good morning @PaulaFletcherTO and @BradMBradford Can we please get an update on when Danforth bike lanes will be usable again? They appear to have been used as the dumping grounds for all other snow removal. When can we expect safe travel along Danforth and across the viaduct?” / Twitter

(3) Douglas Yardley on Twitter: “@311Toronto The sidewalk on the south side of Kingston Rd. between Parkcrest and Bellamy is not ploughed.” / Twitter

(3) David Szpargala on Twitter: “It’s Friday and there’s still snow on the Danforth bike lanes. It’s a major inconvenience to people that rely on them daily to get to and from work. @311Toronto” / Twitter



(5) Robert on Twitter: “This was a conscious decision to put cyclists in danger so that the city could put off the cost of snow removal. @311Toronto @NotSafe4BikesTO @DaveLikesBikes” / Twitter

The Biking Lawyer (Dave Shellnutt) on Twitter: “Saturday afternoon bike lane on Shaw north of Bloor. No cars allowed at this point so no snow removal @311Toronto @anabailaoTO? Photo from @thebikebrigade rider delivering food for neighbours in need. #bikeTO I thought I was done…I wish I was.” / Twitter

Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “@TheBikingLawyer @311Toronto @anabailaoTO @thebikebrigade @CycleToronto @NotSafe4BikesTO @BicycleMayorTO I believe Shaw Street falls under @m_layton’s ward. Maybe he can get his team to investigate the lack of snow clearing on that street between Bloor and Dupont?” / Twitter

Pink Helmet TO on Twitter: “.@311toronto This is Adelaide looking west at Sherbourne. It hasn’t been cleared at all. Please add to the list of bike lanes to be cleared. @kristynwongtam @m_holloway @TOCentreCyclist @BikewaysTO @CycleToronto @NotSafe4BikesTO @evdelen” / Twitter

(1) Ward14Bikes | ‘David Shellnutt, a personal injury lawyer and advocate for cycling safety rights, is surprised by the city’s lack of action on snow clearance, espe… | Facebook


Ev Delen on Twitter: “6 days since a heavy but hardly unusual snowfall in Toronto, w/ plenty less accumulated snow than we’ve had before, and still the “high priority snow clearance” Adelaide cycling lanes look like this. If the DVP or Gardiner were shut for 6 days heads would roll! #topoli #biketo” / Twitter

(6) Mahlersfifth 🎹🎼🎻 on Twitter: “Bike lane Yonge North of Bloor ⁦@311Toronto⁩ #bikeTO” / Twitter

(3) Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “Here’s a pic of Davenport west of Osler on my way back. Can’t even see the #BikeTO lane at all. Please get this cleared ASAP, @311Toronto. #TOpoli #GoByBikeToronto CC @anabailaoTO @NotSafe4BikesTO” / Twitter

(1) Jeremy Barker on Twitter: “This is the west-bound bike lane at Danforth and Pape. You’ll just have to believe me that it’s under there. And what has been plowed is an icy nightmare. @PaulaFletcherTO @311Toronto #danforth #eastyork” / Twitter


(2) anton lodder on Twitter: “@m_holloway @Walk_TO no change here 24 hrs later (other than it freezing over i guess)” / Twitter

anton lodder on Twitter: “@Astr0b0y8 @m_holloway @Walk_TO yup. this is why I find the “we’re busy, have patience” explanations very satisfying — there is nobody who’s job it is to go fix this stuff, and it should have been plowed properly the first (or second or third!!) time” / Twitter

anton lodder on Twitter: “@311Toronto someone had parked in the #BikeTO on monday during plowing operations and this spot was never cleared — now it’s frozen and the regular plows can’t fix. is it possible to have someone scrape this windrow up and restore the bike lane? Bloor WB at Spadina” / Twitter

nrbi on Twitter: “We’re so proud of our riders! The windchill was about -23°C when they left and every bike lane in the city is buried in ice and snow. Studded tires, pogies, and many layers are keeping these guys as safe and warm as possible today. A huge THANK YOU to them 🙏🏽 #BikeTO #CargoBike” / Twitter

(3) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth However you plan on getting around, give yourself extra time. For drivers, the patch work of snow and ice is going force many onto the unprotected streets of Danforth Av. Please yield to cyclist. Also to pedestrians crossing the street. #WalkTO #BikeTO” / Twitter

Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth On Danforth Av: • Rode eastbound from Jones Av to Coxwell Av. • Rode westbound from Coxwell to Broadview Av. •Rode eastbound from Broadview to Jones. These are the conditions of the protected bike lanes. Need to prioritize vulnerable rod users.” / Twitter

Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “Clearly no change. If anything it has gotten worse now that the snow is frozen and patches of ice are putting vulnerable road users in danger. HT @NotSafe4BikesTO #BikeTO” / Twitter

(6) Andrew on Twitter: “@311Toronto @kristynwongtam @m_layton Adelaide St & Richmond St is an utter mess. Snow is now solid frozen over the cycle tracks. After four days no efforts to clear snow has been taken. Please do action finally! #bikeTO” / Twitter

(6) Andrew on Twitter: “@311Toronto lots of work needs to be done to clear snow of high priority cycle tracks! ⬇️⬇️⬇️” / Twitter

(8) Janet Joy Wilson (she/her/fietser) on Twitter: “@TPS_BikeHart bad state of the bicycle lanes when Erin says majority are blocked #bikeTO” / Twitter

(1) Sean K on Twitter: “The Danforth “bike lane”. 35 cm of snow fell in Toronto. The City placed 140cm of snow in bike lanes across the city The temperature is dropping to -14°C and will be well below freezing for at least the next 2 weeks. This was a choice.” / Twitter

(1) Sean K on Twitter: “The College “bike lane”. Had 35cm of snow in it Monday. Now on Wednesday night, with temperatures plummeting has 70cm of snow in it. This is a choice by John Tory’s Toronto.” / Twitter

(1) Sean K on Twitter: “A @BikeShareTO station. Hours away from being frozen solid for weeks. This station actually has no power. No bikes can be borrowed, no bikes returned. This is a choice.” / Twitter

ruth moreira-lozon on Twitter: “@311Toronto Englemount Ave south of Lawrence has an elementary school on it. The sidewalks haven’t seen touched and kids are still walking on the road (as of 8:30am). Very unsafe, only one lane each way so not a lot of room for pedestrians. Pls help.” / Twitter

Christopher Ketelaars on Twitter: “Hey @NormTcdsb, who should we be asking to make these stairs that hundreds of families use each day to get to school and the canoe landing community centre a little safer in the winter? @BishopMacTCDSB @JeanLumbPS_TDSB @311Toronto @cityoftoronto” / Twitter

Andrew Knowlton on Twitter: “Hey @311Toronto, guess where the @cityoftoronto part of the sidewalk begins. Hint: it’s under that 4 foot high pile of snow that the plow dumped while clearing the road.” / Twitter

(1) Michael Polanyi on Twitter: “@CycleToronto @jnyyz @TheBikingLawyer Woodbine, between Kingston and Gerrard. @311Toronto” / Twitter

(1) Jeremy The Jinx on Twitter: “@311Toronto @cp24 @cityoftoronto @JohnTory still waiting on the sidewalk plows, now on day 4 and nothing has been touched yet, rest if area still been cleared since Tuesday, 311 keeps saying they’ll come today everyday no dice” / Twitter

(1) libby roach on Twitter: “Hey @fordnation I think you missed a spot, or a block, or a ten… Sidewalks should take priority over parking lots! How is this even happening in the push for #walktoschool #onted #walkTO @TCDSB @JohnTory @311Toronto @JohnFilionTO” / Twitter

(1) libby roach on Twitter: “You can actually hear my daughter speaking at the end, laced with anxiety trying to cross, and then seeing the staff parking lot fully plowed. Gimme a break, put STUDENTS FIRST FOR ONCE!” / Twitter

(1) libby roach on Twitter: “From today, where I gave up walking and drove my kid in. I’d call that about the bare minimum @311Toronto @TCDSB @JohnFilionTO Sidewalks don’t just stop mid block, and neither do cars. Guess I should just be happy the doors are open 🤞🏻 #WalkToSchool #onted” / Twitter

(1) LA on Twitter: “Do to an ill placed speed bump sign, sidewalk snowplows are unable to get by leaving the sidewalk completely inaccessible. @anabailaoTO @JohnTory @311Toronto #DavenportTO @johnrieti” / Twitter

Kathleen Mackey on Twitter: “Snow removal needed for pedestrian crosswalk (north side) and the second and accessible TTC stop location (WB) at Lee, on Kingston Rd. Currently both inaccessible. Thank you @311Toronto!” / Twitter

blakester on Twitter: “@PizzaPizzaLtd you can do better.. Kingston road and Victoria park @311Toronto @JohnTory” / Twitter

Luiney Sepúlveda on Twitter: “@311Toronto Bloor Street today between Islington ave and Resurrection rd. People are falling down!” / Twitter

Shemina on Twitter: “@gordperks @311Toronto @TO_WinterOps trucks most definitely did NOT clear Lessard Ave in the last 4 hours or even 2 days. We pay property taxes too! Trucks have been stuck on the street on and off all day #ONStorm #ploughTO #SnowedIn #TorontoSnowStorm” / Twitter

Helena Grdadolnik on Twitter: “Dufferin/Davenport Neighbourhood Centre @TorontoPFR @311Toronto @anabailaoTO sidewalk not cleared two days later. But also this City property sits empty when it could be used for housing or band rehearsals now that Rehearsal Factory is closing. @HousingNowTO @culture_to” / Twitter

(3) Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “Had a couple of more errands to do, so I got to check out the #BloorBikeLanes to see how they were. It was not bad, but treacherous at intersections. #BikeTO #TOpoli #GoByBikeToronto” / Twitter

(3) Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “The Lansdowne bike lane was well plowed. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said with Brock which has only painted bike lanes. When well maintained, the snow serves to improve that protection. #BikeTO #TOpoli #GoByBikeToronto” / Twitter

(3) Jorge Barbosa on Twitter: “@311Toronto Sidewalk needs clearing and salting on Dupont st between Campbell ave and Lansdowne ave on the Northside.” / Twitter

Andrew on Twitter: “@rogerfpetersen @EGBrickWorks Yes, I walked there along Bayview Av yesterday myself. Wondering if @EGBrickWorks and @311Toronto can work together to get snow removed off the trail. @EGBrickWorks has even a snow removal truck ready standing inside the market hall. Please action!” / Twitter

(2) Gordon Bombay on Twitter: “@nickmantas_ @311Toronto this is on Village Green Square. This is not accessible for people with strollers, walkers, canes etc. Please send someone to plow this sidewalk. This leads to the bus stop to which many residents in the area use. Thank you” / Twitter

(2) Binweld22 on Twitter: “It’s now been four days since the @cityoftoronto snowstorm and Clinton Place still hasn’t been ploughed @311Toronto” / Twitter

(1) Quinn E on Twitter: “Having to chuck your bike into the snow bank to lock it up somehow feels very Canadian. Grateful the bollard bike ring things are permanent and the snow is often cleared close enough that I don’t also have to get in the snow bank. (featuring bonus snow bike in the background)” / Twitter

Bike Family on Twitter: “A big improvement on the Richmond West cycle track between Lower Simcoe and Augusta, except for this stretch between John and Peter. What was it about this stretch that made those clearing the tracks say ‘nope!’?” / Twitter

(6) Ev Delen on Twitter: “6 days since the snow fell and this is the state of the Adelaide Cycle Track, promised to have DVP level “High Priority Snow Clearing”. #topoli #biketo” / Twitter

(9) David Lussier on Twitter: “@PinkHelmetTO @evdelen Both Sherbourne lanes are still unrideable @kristynwongtam” / Twitter

(1) Cycle Toronto on Twitter: “Snow clearance for active transportation needs to be taken seriously. Toronto is a winter city where people rely on walking and biking year-round for transportation. Here are pictures of the Harbord bike lane taken throughout the week. 📷 Credits: Keagan Gartz. #PlowTO #BikeTO” / Twitter

(1) Ben Leow on Twitter: “Richmond Street obstacle around 6:25 pm is still there. Made it this far home before I was called back to work. Think this will be cleared before I get off work again!? 🤔😅 Ain’t holding my breath #bikeTO” / Twitter


Ev Delen on Twitter: “Whoops, seems I made a mistake yesterday. That was day 5. Nothing has changed today, day 6. Photos to arrive later, because of the cold my phone died. Will Adelaide, the Gardiner of #Toronto’s meagre cycling network, make it to 7 days uncleared? #topoli #biketo” / Twitter

Brian Huntley on Twitter: “Argyle Bike Lane at Beaconsfield and at Ossington. Still buried in ice on the 7th day after the storm. And note that this is in the part of town where most streets are one way/one lane: we depend on the contraflows! #BikeTO #Bikelanes” / Twitter

Brian Huntley on Twitter: “Ossington” / Twitter

(2) Binweld22 on Twitter: “@m_holloway @Walk_TO @ttcriders No worries! Still hasn’t been ploughed on Sunday afternoon” / Twitter

(1) Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “Given’s yesterday’s #VikingBiking gong show, I wrote a rant about Toronto’s poor clearing of their #BikeTO lanes almost a week after Monday’s storm when all bike lanes were supposed to be cleared at the same time as roads. #shame #TOpoli @NotSafe4BikesTO” / Twitter

Dave Edwards on Twitter: “Danforth bike lane SEVEN DAYS after snow (Danforth and Linsmore) What’s the plan @311Toronto @PaulaFletcherTO @TO_WinterOps?” / Twitter

(5) Dave Edwards on Twitter: “Jones bike lane is either now residential parking or snow storage. @PaulaFletcherTO @TO_WinterOps @311Toronto I’ve seen “friendly tows” in other wards for snow clearing – what’s the plan here? (Logan and Greenwood are similar)” / Twitter

(5) Ben Leow on Twitter: “Happy to report Adelaide bike lanes from Bathurst to University and Northbound University from Adelaide to Gerrard. are 90% usable. Saw the crews out cleaning the south bound University lanes this morning as well. Dangerous ruts still in some places. Be careful out there #BikeTO” / Twitter

(5) Steve Fisher, BFA, CD (he/him) on Twitter: “@jm_mcgrath Indeed. A week since the storm, & there’s still 4ft high walls in the Sherbourne #bikeTO cycle track, despite it being a supposed “priority” for clearing, & despite multiple reach outs to @311Toronto. #Toronto cyclists are on their own.” / Twitter

(6) Ev Delen on Twitter: “And now it’s weeks! 1 week(s) and the Adelaide Cycle Track, billed as the main East corridor out of Downtown, the Gardiner of Toronto’s cycle network, is still uncleared. Plenty of cyclists riding on streets & sidewalks b/c of lack of clearing! #biketo #topoli” / Twitter

(6) Bike Family on Twitter: “First ride to school of 2022. Contra flow lanes on side streets are non-existent ATM, but the drivers we encountered were super patient! Both drivers and us pulled to the side and ended up having “no you go first, I insist!” moments 😁 Proof we can peacefully coexist! #bikeTO” / Twitter

(6) Bike Family on Twitter: “@311Toronto according to your website, this section is considered completed/closed last night. Photos taken this from this morning’s school run prove otherwise. How is this condition considered cleared???? #bikeTO” / Twitter

(11) Michael Kurz on Twitter: “One of Toronto’s busiest cycling routes one full week after a snow storm and 6 days after all roads were cleared” / Twitter

(11) Melanie Boultbee on Twitter: “@kurz_m @wardFORpeople I finally saw and followed a bike lane snow plow heading west on the Bloor bike lanes but only “cleared” from Shaw to Symington before it turned back east. It needs another pass. #bikeTO” / Twitter

(4) Steven on Twitter: “@moore_oliver This is Bathurst street in York region” / Twitter

(6) Jason Moss on Twitter: “@311Toronto sidewalk on kingsview blvd hasn’t been cleared since last Monday. My aunt, who’s in a wheelchair hasn’t been able to leave her house.” / Twitter

(6) 42 Voices on Twitter: “@311Toronto Please remove the snow from this bus stop at Blackbird Gate & Finch Ave E. It has been days. The ramp wasn’t deployed since the bus didn’t have enough space on the road. The bus left leaving the person in the wheelchair behind. @McKelvieWard25 @TTChelps” / Twitter

(6) 42 Voices on Twitter: “@311Toronto @McKelvieWard25 @TTChelps This is #Malvern. Here is footage of transit riders dangerously waiting on the street at Blackbird Gate and Finch Ave East. A bus stop next to a major community supermarket @ttcriders @McKelvieWard25 @JohnTory @TTChelps @The_VijayT” / Twitter

(7) Stephen Wickens on Twitter: “Seven days since the storm would be a great song title. Hanson Street, just west of Coxwell. @311Toronto” / Twitter


(4) MWCC on Twitter: “Hello @311Toronto. The Bloor W bikeway is near Keele/Parkside completely unrideable due to snow piled directly into the cycle tracks. Snow nearly as high as the flexi-posts. Made for a very challenging & unsafe @thebikebrigade food delivery. #bikeTO cc: @TO_WinterOps” / Twitter

(6) Ann Peel on Twitter: “@311Toronto @DaveLikesBikes It would be very helpful if snow wasn’t plowed off the roads and onto the bike lanes. And now it’s frozen solid. Completely impassable bike lanes on Danforth other than a few short clear stretches ie Arundel to Chester.” / Twitter

(6) ruth moreira-lozon on Twitter: “@311Toronto The sidewalks on Englemount are still not cleared. With today’s snow it’s even worse. Pls clear the sidewalk ahead of tomorrow’s walk to school. This is not safe.@JohnTory @cityoftoronto @TorontoStar” / Twitter

(6) Anna Montesano on Twitter: “@311Toronto I did email and nothing has happened the snow is still on the sidewalk on Spenvalley and Arletta. The sidewalk pow has not come even once since last Monday on Spenvalley.” / Twitter

(6) Anna Montesano on Twitter: “@311Toronto” / Twitter

(11) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@PoppedCulture @PaulaFletcherTO @311Toronto @shawnmicallef @biketo @BikeShareTO @EastYork_TO @GreekTownBIA Jeremy I really really want to believe you. #BikeTO” / Twitter


Lee Scott on Twitter: “This is the driveway into Sunnybrook Park this morning. It is expansively and cleanly plowed for cars. The windrow completely covers the pedestrian path. Not one pedestrian path is cleared in this park. Vehicles routinely drive over the 20kph limit. @JayeRobinson @Walk_TO” / Twitter

Ev Delen on Twitter: “Adelaide Cycle Track T+8days. Now 2 snowfalls have occurred, which hides the dark colour the snow has taken on, but still no cleaning. Recall, this was billed as receiving high priority snow clearing, like the DVP. If the DVP were shutdown for 8 days… #topoli #biketo” / Twitter

(1) R on Twitter: “@RZaichkowski @JohnTory Bloor st west just west of Keele bike lanes blocked.” / Twitter

(1) anton lodder on Twitter: “@311Toronto can this pile of snow be removed from the roadway? i’m not sure who put it there (i mean it was clearly whoever did @HoltRenfrew valet but not sure if private or public) but the #BikeTO needs to be unblocked, this is v unsafe. Bloor WB at Balmuto” / Twitter

(1) Austin Lamarche on Twitter: “I was feeling optimistic about maybe being able to bike tomorrow since parts of the bike lanes were finally looking better. Then I saw this at Danforth and Jackman… maybe I’ll wait. #biketo @311Toronto” / Twitter

(1) Whizbang! 💥 on Twitter: “So glad that Keele st was plowed so I can walk in traffic, because they dumped all of the snow onto side streets making it impossible to walk! 👎 #Toronto #BikeTO #PlowTO #311TO” / Twitter


(1) Caitlin McCormack on Twitter: “hey @311Toronto are we just going to leave Jane St reduced to a single lane until spring comes, or what? northbound at St Clair and southbound at Alliance. bus now stopping in only live lane on one of the busiest routes in the city. cc @FrancesNunziata” / Twitter

(1) Douglas Yardley on Twitter: “@311Toronto There is a 5-foot-high snowbank burying the sidewalk outside Qssis Banquet Hall on the northwest corner of Kingston Rd. and Markham Rd in Scarborough.” / Twitter

(4) Cycle Toronto on Twitter: “📢ACTION: Toronto’s bike lanes, sidewalks, and transit stops currently covered in snow and ice are endangering vulnerable road users. REPLY TO THIS TWEET with a picture of a problematic spot with hashtag #ShovelTO and the location. Mayor, city staff, and media are tagged.” / Twitter

(4) “begging for twigs” on Twitter: “@CycleToronto @bike_kat @JohnTory @TO_Transport @311Toronto @TorontoStar @CBCToronto @globalnewsto @CP24 @CityNewsTO @blogTO @am640 St Marks Rd HILL which is a route for kids to school, walk to shops @BabyPointGates & access to Humber River Recreational Trail. ZERO sidewalk snow removal in 8 days #ShovelTO #accessibility @Walk_TO @gordperks @cityoftoronto” / Twitter


ajdavo on Twitter: “Happy to report crews are clearing the Adelaide bike lane east of Jarvis! #biketo #shovelTO” / Twitter

Janet Joy Wilson (she/her/fietser) on Twitter: “And within the @UofT campus the bicycle lane is a parking lot @TPS_BikeHart 4/ #ComplainTO #bikeTO @BicycleMayorTO that’s it. fin” / Twitter

(14) The Biking Veterinarian on Twitter: “Sherbourne Southbound today at Noon. Windrows or snow blocking the bike lane at Isabella and also in front of 392 Sherbourne. @311Toronto” / Twitter


PEO Erin Urquhart on Twitter: “@jsquaredink @UofT @BicycleMayorTO St George #bikeTO lane clearing is under way right now !” / Twitter

(1) Bike Family on Twitter: “I’m genuinely curious. Of the 1km stretch of the Richmond cycle track b/n University & Augusta, the portion between John & Peter remains unusable. We cycle this everyday & see how the track, save for here, has been cleared & salted. Why is this part being ignored, @311Toronto?” / Twitter

(6) jodiesteward on Twitter: “@311Toronto why a week and a half after the snow storm do i still have to walk on the Road??? 1260 Martingrove and north on the west side lots of the sidewalk still blocked with piles of snow” / Twitter

(7) Hudson’s Human on Twitter: “@311Toronto any way the sidewalks around Healey Willan park (Euclid and Ulster) could be cleared?” / Twitter

(7) Sue Hutchinson on Twitter: “@311Toronto @McKelvieWard25 SEWELLS RD North and South Sides from McLevin Ave to Neilson Rd. STILL not cleared thoroughly. Trails only. A SCOOTER cannot manouever through foot traffic trails!” / Twitter

(7) Jessica Bugden on Twitter: “@TTChelps who can I contact about moving snow at a TTC stop, the pile is so high the driver can never see me. Three times this week the bus had blown past me, skipping me. And it’s on a bus street (Royal York)” / Twitter

(7) Derek Craig on Twitter: “10 days and counting. @311Toronto When is the west side of Victoria Park Avenue from Cassandra Blvd to south of Rowena Drive going to be plowed? @JohnTory @DenzilMW” / Twitter

(7) Marc 🏳️‍🌈🇲🇺🇨🇦🇩🇪 on Twitter: “@311Toronto @TOCentreCyclist @kristynwongtam Sherbourne & Gerrard bike lanes unusable. Please clear. 1. S/B betw Selby & Linden blocked by snowbank. 2. N/B at Earl blocked by snowbank. 3. N/B betw Gerrard & Carlton sloppy. 4. Eastbound Gerrard betw Sherbourne & Ontario sloppy.” / Twitter

(12) Sue D on Twitter: “@JohnTory @311Toronto So what about Scarborough? Still no sidewalks out here” / Twitter

(12) RESIST ✊🏼🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “@311Toronto sidewalk at Eastern and Leslie how are seniors or disabled citizens supposed to get around! @PaulaFletcherTO @JohnTory @cityoftoronto get the snow melting machines out! Useless politicians, high salaries doing sweet f all! The entire city has these issue clean it up!” / Twitter

(12) kim halfyard she/her on Twitter: “@311Toronto This every intersection at River and Gerrard. There is a TCHC building on River built for accessibility. @kristynwongtam this is impassable. This is a busy intersection. Three bus routes and a streetcar have stops here.” / Twitter

(13) kim halfyard she/her on Twitter: “” / Twitter

(13) janiceprice on Twitter: “@311Toronto the side walk on duffeeen and steep rock needs to be plowed ther is no space to walk or use a stroller” / Twitter

(12) Alexa on Twitter: “@311Toronto Victoria park south from Danforth is still trash” / Twitter

(12) Brian Dodson on Twitter: “@311Toronto NE Lawrence & Keele. 9 days after the storm! Needs serious work. @JohnTory” / Twitter

(12) theodora fleming on Twitter: “@311Toronto please remove snow banks on west lodge ave (north of seaforth ave) parallel to school .. parents are having to park sideways to pick children up from school” / Twitter

(12) WeiIngnan on Twitter: “ice & snow not cleared on sidewalks from property @ 666 Landowne Ave & unit at 668 Lansdowne Ave. to the E. & W. of Lansdowne on Wallace multiple properties along Wallace not cleared every year. lots of old and disabled in neighbourhood @311Toronto #311Toronto” / Twitter

(12) Elaine on Twitter: “@JohnTory @311Toronto I despair walking anywhere with the lack of sidewalk clearing- being forced onto busy main streets to get passed sidewalks not cleared and icy” / Twitter

(12) Warren Huska on Twitter: “@TOCentreCyclist Danforth east at Greenwood just now. Westbound still impassable. Someone smart would have done this differently – like removed north side parking so everyone can go around the plows.” / Twitter


Tactical Clinical Therapist on Twitter: “@m_holloway Just ran into this at Bathurst and Nina (just north of Davenport). They recently changed this to a beg button, so if pedestrians want a signal they also have to climb up one of the sides of this snow bank to reach the button.” / Twitter

The Biking Veterinarian on Twitter: “@311Toronto the plows went and cleared (for the most part) the windrows of snow on Sherbourne. But in their wake they left 3 inch high ruts and deep snow across the entire bike lane, rendering it 100% unusable!!! Sherbourne southbound b/n Elm and Gerrard.” / Twitter

MWCC on Twitter: “Hello @311Toronto. Yonge bikeways are completely unrideable. In many cases snow pushed directly into cycle track. How is this acceptable anymore? #bikeTO #shovelTO @CycleToronto @thebikebrigade @TheBikingLawyer @NotSafe4BikesTO” / Twitter

(1) Sue J ⚾️ (Wear a mask…please!) on Twitter: “@311Toronto 10 days after the storm, and Bathurst Street is still just a single lane in both directions from south of St. Clair to North of Lawrence Avenue. Traffic flow is bad especially with buses or after schools let out. Would be nice to get the second lane cleared.” / Twitter

(2) Lynda on Twitter: “@CycleToronto @JohnTory @TO_Transport @311Toronto Jan 27. Annette sidewalk and bikelanes (near Runnymede) #ShovelTO” / Twitter

(2) Bike Dad Howy on Twitter: “Hi @311Toronto, Cloverlawn east of Dufferin sidewalks used by hundreds of @TDSB_Rawlinson and St Claire students daily is still a mess, so many negligent landlords not bothering to shovel. Please send bylaw and the sidewalk plows!!!” / Twitter

(7) Hudson’s Human on Twitter: “@311Toronto So they cleared Euclid Avenue side of the park but the Ulster Street side is still a complete mess.” / Twitter

(10) Leo Petražickis 🐈⌨️ on Twitter: “@311Toronto Please clear the debris and snow bank from the bike labe at 546 Danforth” / Twitter

(10) Krista Cauz on Twitter: “@311Toronto @CP24 @JoshMatlow It is now a week and half since our first big snowfall and no plows for our entire neighborhood (Deer Park). Many neighbours have placed multiple requests with @311Toronto. Cars routinely get stuck. It’s not safe for walking. When???” / Twitter


(7) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “@PoppedCulture @PaulaFletcherTO @311Toronto @shawnmicallef @biketo @BikeShareTO @EastYork_TO @GreekTownBIA #GoByBikeTorontoDanforth How many days are we at now? Danforth Bike Lane (westbound @ Pape Av) HT @NotSafe4BikesTO” / Twitter

(3) Kathryn Rego on Twitter: “@JohnTory @cityoftoronto @311Toronto how do we get the right lane of bayview ave properly plowed almost 2 weeks after the snowstorm? Shouldn’t take 40 minutes to get from the hospital to the 401.” / Twitter

(7) Tara on Twitter: “@311Toronto can the sidewalk on the east side of chesswood going south from finch please be cleared. Its not safe nor is it safe to walk on the road or jaywalk across to other side that is cleared. I gor hurt last week getting over a snowbank there.” / Twitter

(15) Richard Mellon on Twitter: “A week and a half has passed and the MAIN streets of Toronto are still not properly cleared of snow. How are the arteries of our city, ALL lanes, still not free to drive in? What says you @JohnTory @311Toronto” / Twitter

(2) Lanrick Bennett Jr. on Twitter: “#GoByBikeTorontoDanforth Good Afternoon @311Toronto Multiple pieces of protect cycling infrastructure has been pushed into the Eastbound Danforth Av bike lane at Jackman Av HT @NotSafe4BikesTO @biketo Cc: @peter_tabuns @tdndp” / Twitter


(10) Frank Hadzalic on Twitter: “@TTChelps this is the bus stop next to the granite club on Bayview Avenue. Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs and people cannot get on the bus please clear this mess up. Thank you” / Twitter

(12) John Kirk on Twitter: “@311Toronto How is this possible? 1 block over apart from each other. Same daily parking restrictions. Cars bottoming out. It’s been two weeks!!” / Twitter

(12) Bennii 🇨🇦 on Twitter: “@311Toronto this is the state of the sidewalks on Jane St west side south of Annette. They are a hazard! Hope something can be done soon before I break an ankle navigating them” / Twitter

(12) Dave Ricci on Twitter: “Why is this so difficult and beyond frustrating. The snow still hasn’t been removed from our sidewalks at the corner of Yonge and William Carson crescent North West corner. You have to go into oncoming traffic. A pedestrian will get hit. @311Toronto @JayeRobinson @JohnTory” / Twitter

(12) Teresa on Twitter: “@311Toronto @WaterfrontTO Help! Still haven’t had a single City Plow on Merchants Wharf. Developers have cleared their portions but the City has forgotten us & not responding to email. Who is responsible to clear our road? Beyond residents plowing it with our cars?” / Twitter


(12) The Biking Lawyer (Dave Shellnutt) on Twitter: “Bay bike lane at Harbour yesterday…#shovelTO @CycleToronto @311Toronto #BikeTO” / Twitter

(12) cheeto&squirrels mum on Twitter: “@TheBikingLawyer @CycleToronto @311Toronto This is exactly what the south side of Bloor looks like just before Bathurst, Spadina AND Avenue Rd intersections going east. No photos as its too tretrous maneuvering over black ice into the car lanes to get around. #shovelTO @CycleToronto @311Toronto #BikeTO #ridingscared” / Twitter


(12) Bicycle Mayor of Toronto on Twitter: “#GoByBikeToronto Dear @PoppedCulture @NotSafe4BikesTO @biketo, Here’s hoping after 12:41pm on Saturday, January 29th, the protected bike lane at Pape and Danforth has been cleared of snow and ice. #BikeTO” / Twitter

(13) Bicycle Mayor of Toronto on Twitter: “If you are volunteering for @thebikebrigade this weekend: Danforth Av Bike Lane has not been completely cleared of snow & ice (including broken and dislodged protected cycling infrastructure) Please ride with care and continue to document and tag @311Toronto #GoByBikeToronto” / Twitter

(13) NotSafe4BikesTO on Twitter: “Come on people – it’s Day 12 and one of our most used bikeways is still largely unusable. This is beyond “we appreciate you patience”. Stop making our lives more likely to end. Act like a real city and get this crap taken care of – this is negligence by choice at this point” / Twitter

(13) Mike Whitla on Twitter: “. @311Toronto The bikelane on Dundas at Sterling is still full of ice 2 weeks after the snow fell. Dundas is an important thoroughfare and currently is unsafe to cycle. When can we expect this to be cleared? #BikeTO” / Twitter


NotSafe4BikesTO on Twitter: “Credit where it’s due – Richmond, Adelaide, Simcoe and Sherbourne all look pretty good today! (Missed a pic of Sherbourne) #ShovelTO” / Twitter

Douglas Yardley on Twitter: “On the westbound Danforth bike lane there was a stretch west of Greenwood that was still fit only for snowshoes. I hope that by the time you read this the crews will have made more progress. I found it was better to ride in the traffic lane heading westbound.” / Twitter

Douglas Yardley on Twitter: “Heading east I was able to ride the entire length of the Danforth bike lane (with studded tires) but there were some bad spots, especially west of Woodbine.” / Twitter

Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “Did a short bike ride along the MGT to check the conditions there. The bridges crossing Humber Bay and Mimico Creek are covered with ice so be safe out there. Reported both to @311Toronto via their new app. #BikeTO #WalkTO #TOpoli CC @gordperks @Mark_Grimes” / Twitter

Robert #VoteFordOut2022 Zaichkowski on Twitter: “Another problem associated with the MGT involves the #BikeTO lanes on Ellis and Colborne Lodge between the MGT and The Queensway. Both are covered with snow. Also reported via the @311Toronto app. #TOpoli CC @gordperks” / Twitter


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