Ward 14 Bike Routes

“Toronto Cycling Map” layer (Suggested On-Street Routes turned off) + a Ward 14 boundary layer (click menu to turn on/off layers):

History of Ward 14 Bike Lanes
Jones Ave: 1999
Lake Shore East Trail: 2003 – as part of the F.G. Gardiner Expressway Dismantling Project (pdf)
Dundas East: 2003
Greenwood: 2007
Eastern: 2008
Logan (Gerrard to Dundas) 2008
Strathcona Contraflow (unknown)
Cosburn: 2004 (staff report – City of Toronto toronto.ca › legdocs › agendas › committees Jun 13, 2005 PDF p.11/20)
Leaside Bridge (unknown)
The Viaduct (2008 – Advocacy; 2011 – Implementation)

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