Dundas Bike Lane Snow Clearing – Is it happening?

Do the Dundas Bike Lanes have enough daily traffic to make them a Priority Snow Clearing Route? Are they being cleared of snow and ice in a timely manner this winter? Mar 7, 2017 at 10:25 AM By Michael Holloway Ward 30 Bikes' Outreach Coordinator In Fall 2014 City Council passed a motion that created … Continue reading Dundas Bike Lane Snow Clearing – Is it happening?

GreenspirationTO’s ‘Remembering Tooker 13 years on’

Republished with permission, from the March 3, 2017 GreenspirationTO email list post by Angela Biscoff. Join the GreenspirationTO email list here.-mhRemembering Tooker 13 years onMarch 3, 2017 By Angela Bischoff Tooker Gomberg (photo: Angela Bischoff) To my friends and allies, far and near, Many of you knew Tooker Gomberg. If you did, I know you … Continue reading GreenspirationTO’s ‘Remembering Tooker 13 years on’